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The Venus Factor Program is a comprehensive diet and fat loss system for the female body that includes exercise programs and nutrition.

You will find below some details on what is included.

The Venus Factor Manual


This is the center of the system. It’s roughly 80 pages, and goes into a little background of what the Venus Index is and how women can have a “Perfect Body”.. It illustrates gender differences in metabolism, the science discoveries behind popular foods (in layman’s terms), weight vs shape, macronutrients, specific nutrition and calories. You will also find here 12-week metabolic program.

The table of contents:


The 12-Week Workout System

venus factor workout book

13248196_mThis book is 90 pages and has specific nutrition informations along with a more detailed 12-week workout program.

The most important objective of these workouts is not fat burning as it can be done by following the Venus Factor’s main manual that primarily focuses diet and nutrition. The author totally leaves it up to you and says, “If You Don’t Want To Workout, You Don’t Really Have To”. If you’re trying to get your perfect Size, you’ll make more progress and get better results if you exercise .

If you are planning to try this weight loss system, you should strongly follow this workout manual too.

Lose weight exercises : With the Venus Factor workout system you’ll be exercising for 12 weeks (3 days a week). For every day that you exercise there’s a plan that tells you what exercises to do, how many sets and the number of reps to attempt.

You will also receive video demonstrations of every exercise so you’ll see live workouts when you do them in the same time. All exercises can be done at home or at the gym.

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The Venus Factor Diet

venus factor virtual nutritionistNutrition and healthy eating are the most important factor of your success. A successful diet program means getting the right amounts and types of drinks and foods to have nutrition and energy for ensuring and protecting body organs, cells and tissues.

For a fast and organized weight loss program, The Virtual Nutritionist gives many tools to help you in your special and efficient diet plan:

Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist

You’ll never be alone, you will also have many sample meal plans to help you get started in your Venus Factor Diet.


venus factor for $9.95

buy venus factor system with discountdownload venus factor

New Venus Factor Bonuses

Bonus -1: Video Coaching Lessons collection

This big collection contains 143 video lessons. You will find detailled answers for your questions about fat loss, and where you will also find many helpful tricks and tips concerning your fat loss plan.

Bonus -2: The Venus Factor Community Membership

With the Venus factor system, you will also have access to a big community of other women who are in the same program. You will enjoy the moral support and social dynamics that come with a traditional gym environment or fitness classes.

You can ask questions as you like and get great support from many other women using Venus Factor program and have already benefited from these weight loss tips.



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Real user Experiences


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No one is going to change your body for you!

What are you waiting for?!


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  1. anjum sheikh

    I wanna lose weight dts all

    1. Amanda Qualley (Post author)

      Hi Anjum and welcome. You can lose weight with the Venus Factor System in a few weeks. I hope you Good Luck!

  2. Silvia Brown

    Hi, just have a question about the venus factor system. I am not looking to lose weight on my whole body but just stomach fat. Purchasing the venus factor would help me?

    1. Amanda Qualley (Post author)

      Hi Silvia, lose fat in only one area of your body is impossible. The Venus Factor system will help you get rid of the excess fat in your body. Many factors such as age and genetics could have some effect on how faster it will melt in the stomach area. Thank you!

  3. Sara

    After reading many Venus Factor reviews I can say: that’s really something new and attractive. I think this weight loss system is good enough for loosing fat and building abs.

    1. Amanda Qualley (Post author)

      Hi Sara. Thank you! Did you try the venus factor system?

      1. Sara

        Hi Amanda,

        I have never tried this lose weight system, but I know many women having good stories with the venus factor.

  4. Mary

    The venus component critique (minus ten lbs) i’m a satisfied mother of adorable little ones.

  5. Catherine González

    How is everyone, I was trying to shed a few pounds but I always tend to gain more weight whenever I eat bsoft-drinks is there any truth to the saying “you are what you eat”? and, if so, how can I find out a guide to eating healthier foods that actually taste nice. My doctor says i will die if i do not make a move soon. The problem is that my weight stops be from exercise and I am not motivated to do anything pretty much anymore. So thats it.

  6. NANCY

    This venus factor program is exercise all the time? Can we lose fat using other ways with this system but without any exercise?

  7. Amanda Qualley (Post author)

    Hi NANCY,

    The Venus Factor workout will be your go-to resource over 12 weeks. Workout accelerate the fat loss process, and be sure your body is naturally programmed to respond to the venus factor ways of training. Good luck.


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